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  • What do I do if I receive a damaged stone or gift box?
    We aim to ensure every order is carefully packed and arrives without damage. However, if a stone arrives broken or chipped, please reach out to us by email at and we will send you a replacement. We will also replace any damaged wooden gift boxes. To expedite this process, please include a photo of the damaged items along with the address you would like the replacement(s) shipped to.
  • Do you offer customized crystal box sets or stone swaps?
    At this time we only offer the crystal box sets as listed. We are not able to switch out some or all of the crystals for different stone varieties. Even though there are some of the same crystal varieties included in multiple sets, we aim to make sure each repeat stone is slightly varied from set to set. This could be in color, grade, variety or size. For example, the Calm set includes a large Fluorite stone, while the one in the Protection set is smaller. The Chakra Balancing set has a darker green Aventurine stone than the one included in the Abundance set. The Calm set has a banded variety of Amethyst, while the Chakra Balancing set has one that's more solid and darker.
  • What if my crystal box set is missing a stone?
    Although we rarely miss a stone, it can happen occassionally due to human error from our small packing team. If this should occur, please send us a photo of your set so we can see what's missing. We'll quickly mail out the missing stone to you free of charge. There is no need to return the entire set.
  • How do I get the ebook?
    Each set comes with a brochure or information card. This is located behind the black protective cushion inside the box. There you will find a QR code and web link to download the ebook. If you have any issues finding the information, please contact us at
  • Do you offer any large quantity discounts?
    If you are ordering 20 or more crystal box sets, please contact us at for a special discount code. We also offer our sets at wholesale prices for resellers. Please email for more information.
  • Can I sell your Crystalya crystal box sets in my store?
    Yes! Please contact if you are interested in reselling our products. You will need to provide your business name, address, contact information and sellers permit/resale license to set up an account.
  • Do you offer promotional discount codes?
    We do occassionally offer special sales and discounts. Please be sure to join our mailing list to hear about these offers.
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