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  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from high quality, authentic and natural ametrine crystal (a mix of amethyst and citrine), carefully carved and polished into a beautiful point (crystal wand). Each piece is a 6 faceted prism and measures approximately 4 inches tall with a diameter of 1-1.25 inches. Please note that the mix of amethyst and citrine in each wand varies, which may impact the overall color.
  • ✅ SACRED GEOMETRY ENGRAVING: The bottom of each ametrine crystal wand includes a gold engraving of the Flower of Life symbol, the most sacral pattern in the universe.
  • ✅ VERSATILE USES: Crystal wands are wonderful for setting intentions, meditation, protection, directing energy, manifesting desires and as a centerpiece for a crystal grid. Also useful for both crown and solar plexus chakra work, yoga, Reiki, spiritual practice, crystal healing and beautiful home décor.
  • ✅ MEMORABLE GIFT: Beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift. Includes wooden display box (5.5”x 3.25”x 2”), red bow, and an informational card listing the ametrine crystal’s properties and uses, as well as the significance of the Flower of Life symbol.

Ametrine Crystal Wand

  • CHAKRAS: Crown and Solar Plexus

    ELEMENTS: Wind and Fire

    PROPERTIES: Harmonizes mind and actions with spiritual purpose, supports creativity and overcoming blockages, uplifts spirit

    FLOWER OF LIFE SYMBOL: Many consider the Flower of Life the most sacral pattern in the universe. Made up of several overlapping circles, this symbol represents the interconnectedness of everything in life. The Flower of Life can be seen throughout almost all spiritual and religious teachings, viewed as an ascension tool for those seeking access to higher dimensions.

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