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Your body encompasses 7 major energy vortexes known as chakras, beginning at the base of the spine and extending to the top of the head. For the body to maintain good physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health, it's important that the chakras remain balanced. Crystals vibrate at a high frequency that promotes cleansing and healing of the physical and subtle bodies.


The Chakra Balancing set includes a stone for each chakra as well as 3 of the most potent crystals, Amethyst, Quartz and Rose Quartz. By utilizing balancing techniques such as placing the crystals on the body’s different chakra points, you can begin to remove blockages that are compromising your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

Crystalya’s Chakra Balancing Crystal Collection includes:


Red Jasper (Root) - Grounds and connects you to Earth's energy.


Carnelian (Sacral) - Kindles passion, creativity and vitality.


Tiger's Eye (Solar Plexus) - Increases personal power and will.


Green Aventurine (Heart) - Heals and opens the heart.


Rose Quartz (Heart) - Stone of unconditional love.


Sodalite (Throat) - Promotes self-expression and truth.


Amethyst (Third Eye) - Connects physical with spiritual realms.


Amethyst Cluster (Crown) - Allows access to Higher Self.


White Howlite (Crown) - Supports retrieval of spiritual wisdom.


Quartz Point (Crown) - Draws energy towards or away from the body.


Tumbled stones are 1-1.5" in size.


Chakra Balancing Crystal Collection

  • Each collection comes beautifully packaged in a wooden display box with a sacred geometry-inspired engraving. Includes a chakra card and a brochure with a description of each stone’s metaphysical properties plus some basic cleansing and activation instructions. We have also included a link to download our complimentary information-packed EBOOK, The World of Crystals.

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