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  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from high quality, authentic and natural clear quartz crystal, carefully carved and polished into a beautiful point (crystal wand). Each piece is a 6 faceted prism and measures approximately 4 inches tall with a diameter of 1-1.25 inches.
  • ✅ SACRED GEOMETRY ENGRAVING: The bottom of each clear quartz crystal wand includes a gold engraving of the Infinity symbol, representing eternity, the eighth chakra, and the cyclical nature of the universe.
  • ✅ VERSATILE USES: Crystal wands are wonderful for setting intentions, meditation, protection, directing energy, manifesting desires and as a centerpiece for a crystal grid. Also useful for working with all the chakras, yoga, Reiki, spiritual practice, crystal healing and beautiful home décor.
  • ✅ MEMORABLE GIFT: Beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift. Includes wooden display box (5.5”x 3.25”x 2”), red bow, and an informational card listing the clear quartz crystal’s properties and uses, as well as the significance of the Infinity symbol.

Clear Quartz Crystal Wand

  • CHAKRAS: All

    ELEMENT: Ether

    PROPERTIES: Powerful and supportive of spiritual growth, cleansing, protection, clarity, and the amplification of energy and other stones

    INFINITY SYMBOL: The Infinity symbol represents endlessness, limitlessness, eternity, and the cyclical nature of the universe. Representing the soul’s inner and outer journey, many say the 8 represents the 8th chakra located just a few feet above your head. Flowing through us and around us, this chakra is said to be our gateway to the Divine. As an image of oneness, the Infinity symbol signifies our connection to all.

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