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The Protection set is designed to assist you in your daily life. Whether you want to be shielded from environmental contaminants or negative energies, these stones will support you and empower you to feel safe, confident and grounded.


These protection crystals can be placed by your bed, under your pillow, next to entryways in your home or office, alongside your workspace, near electrical devices, on a spiritual altar, or wherever feels right to you. You can also carry some or all of them in your pocket, purse or bag throughout the day.


Crystalya’s Protection Crystal Collection includes:


Obsidian (Root) - Absorbs undesirable energy, whether it originates from you, the environment or others.


Fluorite (Heart) - Highly protective, prevents psychic manipulation, blocks EMF pollution.


Selenite (Crown) - Cleanses and protects the aura and other crystals (doesn't need cleansing itself).


Malachite (Heart) - Defends against energetic pollutants, radiation and other impurities.


Hematite (Root) - Very grounding, prevents uninvited energies from entering the aura.


Clear Quartz (All) - Protects against negativity, amplifies energies of other stones.


Amethyst (Crown and Third Eye) - Powerful protector against psychic attack, transforms destructive energy into pure light, heals addiction.


Tree Agate (Heart) - Guards against harmful emotions, keeps you safe, especially in nature.


Black Tourmaline (Root) - This is one of the most powerful protection stones on the planet. It places an energetic boundary between you and others, minimizing negative outside influences as well as increasing your vitality. It can protect you from harmful electromagnetic frequencies associated with cellular phones and other electronic devices. Placed in entryways, it can also seal any living or workspace with protective energy. This stone shields all the chakras, detoxifies the body, and strengthens immunity.


Tumbled stones are 1-1.5" in size.


Protection Crystal Collection

  • Each collection comes beautifully packaged in a wooden display box with a sacred geometry-inspired engraving. Includes a brochure with a description of each stone’s metaphysical properties plus some basic cleansing and activation instructions. We have also included a link to download our complimentary information-packed EBOOK, The World of Crystals.

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