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The Calm set is designed with carefully selected stones to assist you in your intentions of feeling calm, grounded, peaceful and serene.


Whether physical or mental, we all experience stress. When this happens, it can be challenging to calm your mind and to find balance.


The crystals in this set have been hand-selected to encourage serenity, peace and a sense of “calm.” These stones are known to release mental pressure, balance emotions, relax the nervous system and increase positivity.


Keeping this set by your bed is a beautiful way to help you to unwind and prepare for a restful and dreamy night’s sleep. It is also helpful to carry some of the stones with you throughout your day to keep you calm and grounded in the face of life’s challenges. 


Crystalya’s Calm Crystal Collection includes:


Kyanite (Throat) - Aligns the chakras, alleviates stress.

Amethyst (Crown and Third Eye - Calms the mind, encourages restful sleep.


Lepidolite (Third Eye and Crown) - Contains trace amounts of lithium (anti-anxiety), fosters a tranquil mind and spirit.


Fluorite (Heart) - Stabilizes emotions, dispels all types of stress, promotes balance.


Sodalite (Throat) - Diminishes mental chatter, harmonizes emotions, provides an opening for new insights.


Obsidian (Root) - Absorbs negative energies, combats mental stress, supports grounding.


Smoky Quartz (Root) - Offers stress relief, quiets fears and emotions, allows one to let go.


Amazonite (Heart) - Soothing, calming, relaxes nervous system.


White Howlite (Crown) - Calms the overactive mind, supports restful sleep.


White Sage (All) - Purify both your crystals and the environment.


Selenite Tower (Crown) - Cleanses other stones, supports meditation, instills peace.


Tumbled stones are 1-1.5" in size.


Calm Crystal Collection

  • Each collection comes beautifully packaged in a wooden display box with a sacred geometry-inspired engraving. Inside you’ll find a brochure with a description of each stone’s metaphysical properties, a “how to” guide for burning sage, and some basic cleansing and activation instructions. We have also included a link to download our complimentary information-packed EBOOK, The World of Crystals.

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